About the Campaign

The world economic development has exerted enormous stress on the nature and the environment. A variety of environmental problems are now affecting the entire world, which has drawn serious attentions of all human being. Environmental issues require both immediate and long term solutions. Environmental education in particular, has been identified to be the most essential solution in long run, in view that environmental conservation is no more a country or global problem, but each individual plays important role to contribute towards environmental preservation.

The campaign lays out a list of “green habits”, which shall be practiced continuously for duration of 21 days – what we called as “21 Greenlisation”. Some green ideas may be simple but in the determination to keep with it for the 21 days, it was believed that the habits can be inculcated to be lifetime habits of a person. Old habits are not so easily to be replaced. However, extensive studies were conducted of why human brain circuits take “memory traces”, and produce neuro-pathways only if they are bombarded for 21 days in a row without a missing day. Therefore, after practicing a new habit for 21 days, the old habit does not actually leave a person, but it is simply replaced by the new habit.

Objectives of the Campaign

In line with the country’s vision to build a youth society with integrated value from a spiritual, moral and physical aspect, the proposed “21 Greenlisation” Campaign aims to achieve the following ultimate objective:

“To inculcate green habits among the youths, by supporting educational efforts to develop new generation of youths who are environmentally conscious, and to inspire in all individuals a greener livings with sense of personal responsibility for the care of the environment”

 In addition, the campaign is also expected to bring indirect impacts to other target groups of peoples, through promotion of green habits from the youths to the elderly and children.

What are the Green Habits
  • 26 degree Celsius (26oC)
  • Waste no food
  • Bring your own utensils
  • Turning off the monitor
  • Eat less meat
  • Plant-a-tree
  • Bring shopping bags
  • No littering / pick-up litters
  • Carry a handkerchief
  • Brushing teeth with a cup

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plastic bag2


Bring your Own Utensils

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No Littering